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December 16, 2005     HTML     PDF

Season’s Greetings

EMC’s VMware Lets Loose the VMware Player

Taking Linux Very Seriously: IBM + Novell + Red Hat

Ajax, Hero of the OC


December 9, 2005     HTML     PDF

Stacking Up the Tests or Testing Up the Stacks?

Novell Identity Management: Third Time’s the Charm

CoolThreads from the Sun


December 2, 2005     HTML     PDF

Microsoft Partners Offered Revamped Security Competency

ELF Debates

Ongoing OneCare? Microsoft Opens to Public Beta Test

 EU Civil Liberties Meets Data Retention Redux


November 18, 2005     HTML     PDF

CA Has Visions of Enterprise Management

Banking on the Virtualized Client Infrastructure

IBM Achieves Collation of IT

Sony to World: Whoops!

ICANN… Yes You Can!


November 11, 2005     HTML     PDF

IBM Offers Control through Public Image Monitoring Solution

HP Announces bc1500 Blade PC

ECI Boosts ShadeTree for Service Providers

Grokster is Dead! Long Live Grokster!

Secure that WiFi or Go to Jail!


November 4, 2005     HTML     PDF

HP Raises Its AppIQ

IBM and Google

Another Battle in the Security War

Riding the Ruby Rails


October 28, 2005     HTML     PDF

Storage Infrastructure Management Goes Open Source

Doing the IP Shuffle… Cisco Style

New Code? Gluecode!

Big Brother vs. the Internet


October 21, 2005     HTML     PDF

CA iLuminates Its Message Management Capabilities

When Small is Better

Virtualizing Thin Clients

Shipping Boxes and More: IBM Announces Q3 Financials


October 14, 2005     HTML     PDF

HP Continues SMB Push

Mercury Announces Cell BE Processor-Based Product

Microsoft Changes Licensing

Instant Messaging Becoming Useful


October 7, 2005     HTML     PDF

Sun Shines on Google… or the Other Way Around

More Power for SMBs

New Tech for Aging Workers

(Mostly) Legal Taxation


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