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December 21, 2001     HTML     PDF

Comcast Comes Out of Fray with AT&T Cable

IBM and Compaq Announce SMB Initiatives

IBM Introduces Web Site Analytic/Performance Tools

Where It’s Needed When You Need It


December 14, 2001     HTML     PDF

Founders’ Families, HP Wrangle Over Compaq Acquisition

Intel Ships “Building Block” Servers for Telecom Providers

Magic Lantern or Pandora’s Box?

RealNetworks Gets Premium Placement on Compaq PCs


December 7, 2001     HTML     PDF

Connexion by Boeing Loses Equity Partners, Gains Uncle Sam

And Liberty for All? AOL/AMEX Join Liberty Alliance

Better Crypto: Who Gets It?

As the World Turns: An AT&T Soap Opera


November 30, 2001     HTML     PDF

IBM Announces Intel-based eServer x360: Taking “Foster” to the “Summit”

Internet Use: A Little Wider, A Little Deeper

AT&T to Close $4.95/month Internet Service

IBM Delivers DB2 for InfiniBand


November 20, 2001     HTML     PDF

Finding Security in Unity: IBM Announces Global Security Initiative

Merrill Lynch, Salomon Smith Barney, Thomson Financial and Microsoft Announce i-Deal

Dell Introduces the PowerEdge 1500SC

Microsoft Announces Settlement Proposal for Private Lawsuits

UDDI Project Launches Next Version of UDDI Business Registry


November 16, 2001     HTML     PDF

Compaq Launches Grid Computing Thrust

IBM Introduces Pre-Packaged Linux Clusters for Business

Intel Releases New Low-Power Server Products

You Can Never Escape the Phone Company

Comdex Redux: The Calm before the Storm


November 9, 2001     HTML     PDF

IBM Offers Tools for Free

Wide Sky Ahead: EMC and Compaq Announce Shared Storage Management APIs

H and P Scions Oppose HP/Compaq Deal

Static or Steady? Harris Poll Shows Online Use Unchanged Since Last Year


November 2, 2001     HTML     PDF

IBM Adds to Its Stable of Middleware – Acquires CrossWorlds

Sun Introduces New Entry-Level Servers

Looking to the Sky: Hughes and EchoStar Announce Merger

IBM Expands eLiza Project with New Partners

Digital Island Announces EMC-Based Managed Storage Solutions


October 26, 2001     HTML     PDF

The Big (?) XP Launch

IBM Announces eServer p610; Releasing a Frisky Colt into Sunny Pastures

Not All Is Bad in IT Land: Citrix Reports Q3 2001 Revenues

IBM Stretches Tivoli into the Future

Instant Messaging: Not Just for PCs Anymore... Or Is It?

HDS Announces HiCommand


October 19, 2001     HTML     PDF

Verizon Reaches 1,000,000 DSL Subscriber Mark – Now The Real Work Begins

IBM Describes “Autonomic” Computing Strategy/Effort

Microsoft/NEC Announce Strategic Alliance

WebMD Announces Severances Packages for Top Execs


October 12, 2001     HTML     PDF Gains Real Traction

Sun Sets Sights on IBM and Microsoft: Lighting a Fire or Just Blowing Smoke?

Microsoft Previews .NET Services

Microsoft Relaxes Some XP/W2K Registration and Certification Requirements


October 5, 2001     HTML     PDF

IBM Launches “Regatta,” Targets Starcat

Intel/IBM Take the High Road on Low Power Usage

Buy High, Sell Low: Excite@Home Files for Bankruptcy

From the Ashes

Say Goodbye to the Sneaker Network; Say Hello to the Future


September 28, 2001     HTML     PDF

Hacking=Terrorism on DOJ Wish List

A National ID Database? Ellison Says “Yes!”

Sun Launches Starcat, Acquires Critical Path Re-hosting Apps, Targets IBM

Compaq Announces “Access on Demand” Evo Products/Service Package

SBC Offers to Buy Out the Remainder of Prodigy Shares


September 21, 2001     HTML     PDF

The Lesson from Nimda

EMC Gets “Illuminated”

Early Shipments of PCs with Windows XP: A Spark?

Behavior Modification

A Healthy Skepticism


September 14, 2001     HTML     PDF

The Internet and Our Nation’s Tragedy

EMC Advances Symmetrically

Telecommuting the Target of Cisco/Verizon Initiative

Clouding Sun’s Day? IBM Introduces New Midrange eServer


September 7, 2001     HTML     PDF

Microsoft’s Great Escape

Microsoft/HP Announce Enterprising PDA Solutions

IT Companies Form Anti-Gray Market Alliance

Web Hosting: Field of Nightmares?

Red Hat Releases Embedded Linux Developer Suite

Not Quite Invisible Yet — Half of U.S. Households Have Computers


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