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December 20, 2002     HTML     PDF

Sony, Matsushita Team Up on Linux for Consumer Electronics

AOL: Will It Kill the Goose?

Is Web Services a Product or a Feature?

Twenty Bucks a Month? That Was Your Grandma’s Internet

Revenue not Customer: SAP to End Support for Versions 4.6 and Earlier

Sageza Closed for the Holidays


December 13, 2002     HTML     PDF

The World May Be Poorer Following the Acquisition of Rational by IBM

 Would You Like Spam with That?

Microsoft Broadens Its Enterprise Software Definition

Whose Law Is It, Anyway?


December 6, 2002     HTML     PDF

Windows, Linux, TCO, and Sponsored Research: Jambalaya or Junk?

IBM Introduces Linux-Ready p630 eServer

AOL: They Had To Say Something…

HDS Goes After Mid-Market Storage

PeopleSoft Asserts Its Web Services Position into Business Intelligence

There Is No Excuse for Poor Management! Peregrine Sells Remedy to BMC

Bridging the Gap between Business and Technology: IBM Announces On Demand Innovation Services


November 27, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM, Sun, and Dell Ship New Blade Servers

Online Holiday Shopping: e-Tail Wags the Dog

Is Bigger Better? A Second Look at Data Aggregation

Is PeopleSoft Just Ahead of the Market?


November 22, 2002     HTML     PDF

Where There Is Warm Blooded Life, Parasites Thrive — Dell Announces PocketPC PDA

Shapes of Things: IBM, Intel Announce Supercomputing Products/Wins

Poindexter’s Big Adventure

What Role for Windows in a Future Dominated by Partnering?

The Department of Redundancy Department

Pew Report Charts Wired Parents/Non-Parents


November 15, 2002     HTML     PDF

Michael Capellas Exits HP

IBM Launches New pSeries eServers

Room by Room

Oracle Announces Collaborative Suite Release 2

Comdex: The Latest Victim?


November 8, 2002     HTML     PDF

Thinking Strategically or Reacting to Years of History and Tactics?

Intel Ships Enhanced Xeon MP

IBM Announces ThinkVantage PC Products

Holy Grail? Or Tin Cup?


November 1, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM Announces the Era of “On Demand” Computing

EMC/Dell Celebrate First Anniversary, Introduce CLARiiON CX200

Talkin’ ‘bout the Next Generation: WiFi Security

Palm Mines Tungsten for Business Gold

Trust Us — We’re with the Government


October 25, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM Introduces the Baby Mainframe – Small, Powerful and Linux-Enabled

Back in the Old Same Place

Intel Puts Its Money Where It Hopes Its Chips Will Be

Google Suppresses Sites in German and French Search Results – Drawing the Line on Information Access


October 18, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM/Oxford/UK Government Announce “eDiamond” Mammography Grid

AOL to Treat Members Like Members (Not Customers)

Correcting a Significant Omission: XML 1.1 Moves to Canditate Recommendation

Sun, HDS, IBM, Veritas Announce CIM Product Rollout

NAI Offers Professional Services


October 11, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM’s AIX 5L V5.2 Improves UNIX Server Utilization

HP and Dell in Each Other’s Back Yards

Security Extra? Not So, Says Microsoft

Duding Up the Enterprise?


October 4, 2002     HTML     PDF

Intel Introduces 3D Mapping Software

You Can’t Fight City Hall, But You Can Email ’Em

Technology to the Rescue? This Time, Maybe

Symantec Attempts to Tie It All Together

IBM, Intel, and Microsoft Announce Datacenter Initiative


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