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"The Sageza Group is a market analysis and consultancy firm whose unique perspective is sought after by IT vendor and partner communities worldwide. Our research reaches vendors, business partners, end-user communities, the media, and independent IT analysis portals through syndicated research, market reports, and custom consulting engagements."

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With the changing marketplace and frankly the plain old passing of time, it has become obvious that The Sageza Group has run its course. Much in the IT industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, some of it not for the best, but a lot of it definitely for the better. We remain amazed by the continually increasing price/performance envelope of IT as a whole, and the cornucopia of personal devices, gadgets, computers, and outright unbelievable enterprise technology that now competes for attention and deployment in the marketplace.

In light of this, sageza.jazzstreams.com is shifting from that of a repository of future gazing to that of a past and present admirer. All of the The Sageza Group's content has been unlocked and made available for fair use by the general public. We believe that our punditry and prognostication, while not 100% perfect, was on the mark far more often than not and will stand the test of time. From the view of the present, journeying through past analysis of where the market was headed is an intellectual curiosity and not too subtle reminder of how things were, not all that long ago.

So with this mind, we invite you to reacquaint yourself with some of the awesome technological advancements of the past decade. Happy reading. And as always, if you have a comment or idea that you would like to pass along, we'd be happy to hear from you. Just email us at info at jazzstreams dot org

Sageza publications are copyrighted material. If you are interested in using Sageza content beyond that which would constitute fair use, e.g. posting a Sageza publication on your web site or through any other distribution method, please email Sageza Sales or call 503-260-8874 for licensing information.

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