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If you would like to set up a briefing session or discuss our services, or if you just need to reach a Sageza analyst: please email us at Client Services or call us at 503-260-8874.  

Client access to Sageza Publications: Use the Publications link at the left. The first time you select a publication, you will be prompted for a login and password. Or, use the Login link at the left before linking to the Publications index.

Prospective Clients

If you would like to request an appointment to brief Sageza on your business please email us at Sageza Briefings Request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please include the following with your request:

  • Your company name and contact information

  • Nature of your business

  • A brief description of the reason you are requesting an appointment

The Sageza Group Snapshot family of publications is publicly available and accessible by following the links.

The complete library of Sageza publications is available as well, but Sageza documents remain copyrighted material.

Sageza publications are copyrighted material. If you are interested in posting a Sageza publication on your web site or through any other distribution method, please email Sageza Sales or call 503-260-8874 for licensing information.