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We work closely with our clients to develop the market insights needed to plot their business course. Our goal is to help your company reach its revenue and profit goals.

Our highly skilled, experienced employees have built a reputation for being objective, responsive, results-oriented, and cost-effective. We deliver projects in 30-, 60-, and 90-day windows that are tailored to our customers' needs. We provide three basic service offerings, each addressing different client questions:

Strategic Retainer Services Click to see our Product Sheet on Strategic Retainer Services

In today's world, strategic marketing plays a more important role than ever. Competitors engage in guerilla marketing where the objective is often not to clarify their position but rather to destabilize the position of the competition. On such a reactive playing field, it is imperative for marketing professionals to embrace logically derived strategic marketing thought that provides the clarity needed to cut through competitive hype and FUD. Sageza's Strategic Retainer engages your organization in ongoing strategic thought with seasoned industry veterans to clarify your strategies in presenting clear and compelling messages to key audiences about your products and services.

Go-to-Market Services Click to see our Product Sheet on Go-To-Market Services

How does the marketplace affect your business? In the fast-paced business environment, articulating key messages to customers, partners, and sales forces is becoming an even more critical job. Good communications remains a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Sageza's Go-to-Market services provide clear messages to key audiences about product launches, program launches, and competitive activities. By working with your marketing and sales executives, we develop concise articles that outline your firm's critical business propositions. These materials are demand-driven and designed to deliver real results.

Marketwatch Services Click to see our Product Sheet on Marketwatch Services

How does the marketplace affect your business? Marketwatch services are designed to keep you informed of key market and industry trends, and market activity related to specific companies. These services are customized based upon a joint assessment of your requirements. They provide you with the vehicle to monitor your industry as well as relevant and timely market insights. These insights are actionable recommendations that can be implemented immediately.


Our services are tailored to your business needs. Your needs are discussed in detail prior to beginning an engagement in order to ensure they are realistic and can be meet. A lead consultant will work with you and your key staff to establish your business requirements. These business requirements will be verified through a review of technologies, markets, customers, and business strategies. Following a two-week discovery process, we will recommend an appropriate set of services and solutions. Specific milestones for your business will be set and reviewed.

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