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June 28, 2002     HTML     PDF

Acquisition Indigestion and Heartburn: WorldCom Cooked Its Books and Perhaps Itself

IBM Launches the p630: Regatta Features Percolate to Entry-Level Products

Congress to Repeal Law of Gravity?

More Bad News for the Entertainment Industry

Pew Survey Examines Broadband Internet Adoption/Usage


June 21, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM Opens Wall Street Linux Center

Intel Announces Xeon-Based Server “Building Block” Products

Shoe on the Other Foot?

Security Issues Are Just Like the Weather...


June 14, 2002     HTML     PDF

HP Introduces HP-UX for Itanium-Based Systems

Novell to Acquire SilverStream Software

Displace is Not a Good Place for Media Companies

BEA Announces Offerings with Mercator and HP


June 7, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM and German Ministry Announce Linux/Open Source Software

Dell/Oracle/Red Hat Partner for Enterprise-Ready Linux Solutions

Controlling Digital Content? Nope.

Sun Delivers Grid Engine Enterprise Edition 5.3


May 31, 2002     HTML     PDF

Intel Projects Itanium 2 Performance

XBox for the PC?

Pew Internet Project Releases Internet Health Study

Carnivore Bites Off More than the FBI Can Chew

Enterprise Linux Players Introduce the UnitedLinux Initiative


May 24, 2002     HTML     PDF

Sun Launches Solaris 9 OE

XBox Network: Games Only the Beginning

Kazaa Gone — At Least Officially

Microsoft, Verizon Announce New Wireless Services


May 17, 2002     HTML     PDF

HP/NEC and Sun Explore Mainframe Alternatives

Sony, Microsoft Reprise Razor/Razorblade Business Model with Game Consoles

Internet Radio and Replay TV Upset the Apple Cart

Sun Announces StarOffice 6.0


May 10, 2002     HTML     PDF

HP Launches Newly Merged Company

A Game Grid — From IBM!

Going After SPAM, and Small Business Too

Weaving an Infrastructure Tapestry: The Next Generation of IBM WebSphere

HDS Announces True North, New Products

EU Announces Plans to Tax Internet Sales


May 3, 2002     HTML     PDF

The Bionic Network System: IBM Thinks So

EMC Launches Centera: New Storage Solution Designed for Fixed Content

Digital TV Gets a Boost? What Follows is Much More Interesting


April 26, 2002     HTML     PDF

Network Associates Shelves Buyout Bid

RealNetworks Offers a Real Development

Switchboard/AOL Provide Services to AT&T mMode


April 19, 2002     HTML     PDF

IBM/HDS Announce Storage Alliance/Disk Drive Venture

Sun Creates Security Czar

The Goose or the Eggs? IBM Claims Patent to ebXML

HP/Compaq Merger Approved According to Preliminary Tally


April 12, 2002     HTML     PDF

Securing Web Services and Content: Notable Steps Forward

IBM/Sun Introduce Mid-Market Servers

EMC Announces New CLARiiON Disk Drive Products

Microsoft Dumps Hailstorm


April 5, 2002     HTML     PDF

CRM: One Piece of the Pie

Dell Goes Modular in New Servers/Software

We Don’t Need Any Stinkin’ Windows — CodeWeavers Offers Crossover Office

Web Users Maturing? New Studies Offer Unique Views

Easing the Flow: Getting from Here to There

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