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What characterizes Sageza's approach?

We develop an understanding of our client’s positioning with respect to a market. We explain the effects of new products, technologies, and competitors’ actions upon both our client’s products and their marketing strategies. We describe how each client’s products should be positioned in future markets. We synthesize understanding and find meaning from the combination of factors that affect a product’s future sales.

At the same time, we integrate environmental factors (i.e., market size, projected market growth, competitive products’ penetration into markets) with existing and anticipated customer behavior. In many cases, the result is a new perspective on our clients’ future market potential. This synthesis is used as the basis for creating strategic plans, performing risk analysis and developing tactical marketing initiatives.

What parts of the world does Sageza serve?

From inception, we have chosen to provide our customers with more than a domestic perspective. We provide services not only to U.S. markets, but also to European companies, European divisions of our U.S. clients, and U.S. clients desiring a broad market view that encompasses both sides of the Atlantic.

What is Sageza's vision for its client base?

We focus on helping our clients define and respond to the big picture. We like to say that “we paint the landscape and then help place our clients position themselves in that picture.” In contrast to other analyst firms, we work well with ill-defined or unstructured situations. We also believe we can help our clients achieve stronger market position by helping them communicate the right messages to the right customers. We call what we do “creating market insight.”

Who is Sageza?

The Sageza Group was founded by the management team and key analysts from Zona Research after Zona’s parent decided to close Zona Research. In contrast to many businesses, we opened our doors with customers. However, we also started during a challenging period that included the bursting of the Internet bubble and the terrorist attacks in NY and Washington. We have found, however, that these turbulent times have necessitated the need for Sageza’s “change agent” services. For this reason, we have focused on client actionable research, strategic advice and analysis. The majority of our custom efforts have centered on proprietary strategic analysis.